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TOU: Carla's Treasures

Copyright 2017 Carla's Treasures AKA Carla Ware
Terms of Use/User License Agreement - PU/S4H/S4O

All copyrights to all digital design elements offered as part of any products sold or distributed are retained by Carla's Treasures. The Terms of
Use shown here may be superceded by the Terms of Use provided with any product by the designer, who reserves the right to modifiy and
update the Terms of Use associated with their products at any time and without notice.

To use any graphics from any product offered from Carla's Treasures, you must agree to the terms outlined here.

Please read everything carefully.

What you CAN do with the Personal Use License

• YOU MAY use any graphic in your own personal layouts or craft projects, including hybrid designs or paper scrapbooking.

• YOU MAY use graphic elements in layouts and other craft projects that are submitted to scrapbooking magazines for publication,
online galleries, or other non-retail web communities, as long as proper credit is given to Carla's Treasures by name, including credit
notice of any graphic you have altered in any way.

• YOU MAY copy graphic files to a computer or other drive for your personal or household use only.

• YOU MAY alter graphics as long as it is for your own personal use.

• YOU MAY Use graphics for your Photography or home-based business using our provided Limited Use License. This includes
Scrap for Hire (S4H) and Scrap for Others (S4O) businesses. See “Limited Use License” below for more details.

• YOU MAY use graphics to customize your own personal blog or website as long as credit notice is given to Carla's Treasures.

What you can NOT do with the Personal Use License

• YOU may NOT brand, distribute, sell or claim these graphics as your own (altered or unaltered)

• YOU may NOT redistribute graphics in any way (selling, sharing, loaning or pirating). This includes graphics that you have
downloaded as part of a free offering.

• YOU may NOT use graphics for your own pre-made page designs (i.e., quick pages or templates), cards, stationary, or other
designed layouts that you offer for sale or distribution. Illegal distribution channels would include, but are not limited to,
online websites such as eBay, etsy, your own personal website, or other retail outlets (traditional and web).

• YOU may NOT offer any graphic in this or other downloads, nor send any graphic to email lists, Internet communities,
Yahoo Groups or any other outlet without written permission from Carla's Treasures.

• YOU may NOT transform any graphic into a clip art element, stamp, tubes, or brush elements that can be distributed for use in other graphic programs

• YOU may NOT use elements from kits in a publication that advertises or self promotes you without permission and  credit to Carla's Treasures.

• YOU may NOT reproduce any graphics into other formats for distribution including, but not limited to, embroideries, stamps,
software icons or elements, web pages, graph images, web banners, or other layout compilations (i.e., quick pages) without
the expressed written consent of Carla's Treasures.

• YOU may NOT use graphics for the purpose of designing business web pages or web templates, eBay product pages or eBay
about me pages, or cards without permission.

• YOU May NOT upload graphics to any webpage for download, or send them through Google,Yahoo, or other “list” groups.

• YOU may NOT use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be readily deemed
as harmful or offensive to persons or groups.

Limited Use License

This Limited Use License is NOT a Commercial License. Limited License is granted for you to use graphics in compilation products for sale
as part of a photography business, Scrap for Hire (S4H), and Scrap for Others (S4O) basis.
This limited Use license allows you to do the following:

• You May use graphics to make custom photo cards, photo albums and photo calendars for sale to your clients in a completed format.
• You May use these designs in marketing your photography/scrap-for-hire business

• You May design photo albums to sell to your clients in a flattened or printed format

• You May design Photo cards to sell to your clients in a flattened, printed format [not as a digital file]

• You May design e-cards to sell to your clients in a flattened format with their photos included

This Limited Use License will NOT allow you to do the following:
• You May NOT resell any of the products or the templates as they currently exist or in layered digital format.

• You May NOT resell any of the products where the primary content of the product is our design. For instance, you may not sell
a photo album or cards, invitations or announcements that do not have your own photos included and are marketed as a
photocard as part of your photography business.

• YOU MAY NOT resell or distribute graphics, even in flattened format, to general public as pages, albums, templates, cards, stationery,
invitations, announcements or anything of the like to the general public. This would include distribution through your own site, etsy,
eBay or any retail establishment.

• YOU may NOT resell any of the designs as part of your own works or as they exist to any retailer, photographer, designer or customer.
• YOU may NOT use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be readily deemed as
harmful or offensive to another person.

• YOU may NOT use the designs to create greeting cards, stationery, home decor products or any other merchandise.

• YOU may NOT redistribute in other formats such as brushes, software elements, icons, stationery products, alphabets
or any other commercial use.

It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. Accessing the images and text
provided within this purchase does not give you any rights to use them without the permission of the Copyright owner. All distributed products,
including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under U.S. copyright law, international conventions, and other
copyright laws. You cannot use the Content except as specified herein. You hereby agree, by your action to purchase or download, to follow
all instructions within these terms and are bound by the limitations herein. Commercial Use elements are used occasionally by designers in
the creation of products, Specific Commercial use terms are followed.


All rights reserved
Carla Ware aka Carla's Treasures

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