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TOU: Southern Creek Designs

Terms of Use For use with designs/graphics by Southern Creek Designs

 All graphics were designed to allow the purchaser to use these designs in the creation of personal scrapbook related projects, i.e., scrapbook layouts, projects etc.

By purchasing graphics by Southern Creek Designs, the purchaser has the right to:

1. Install graphics/designs on one computer and one laptop at any given time.
2. Utilize the graphics/designs to create personal scrapbook layouts and projects (printed and/or digitally).
3. Create back-up copies for personal use.
4. And one more back up since your son put peanut butter on your first copy
The purchaser does not have the right to:
1. Purchase/download the graphics/designs in the name of a legal entity (consignment shop, Darth Vader, corporation, etc.) and distribute.
2. Share, loan, copy, rent, sell or distribute the graphics/designs or a derivative Derivative meaning taking a piece of hair off, adding it to my graphics and calling it yours (this includes relatives, friends or other household members).
3. Use the product on more than one computer and one laptop at a time. Unless you are VERY muti-limbered and at that point I think we all want to see a picture!
4. Offer a product created from these graphics/designs and resells them.
5. Use these graphics in websites that are non-family related.
6. Use these graphics for design purposes on personal or commercial websites.

I would like to thank the following as I do use commercial products in some of my designs: Dani Alencar, Bianca Argollo, Cindy Doerkson, Corina Nielson, Kathryn Estry, Gunhide Storeide Luiza Garay, Tammy Cirilli, Helena Monteiro, Mitia Assef, Ziggle Designs, Lara Payton, Deviant Art, Nicole Perry, Obsidian Dawn, Ashley and Sweetmade, PriRocha, Blythe Evans, Bannerwoman, pillowgirl, July, Nanine Designs, font credit goes to Darcy Baldwin, Manfried Klein at, Sugar Frog Fonts, and Microsoft for their regular type that came with my computer, which sometimes supplies my clipart, ActionFX, stock photos are used and elements extracted big thanks to with whom I have purchased web licenses, which you can read up on at their site, I also want to thank Monica Larsen and the artists at, and any other websites with whom I have purchased a commercial use license of their product, who helps me pick my colors, my daughters, sons and dogs. and any other place that I may get inspiration from, my husband who does not think I am a lunatic, my friends who help me with color who DO think I am a lunatic and to random people who help me purchase clothes at Old Navy.

OH, and the fonts, are from Elephants in Cherry Trees. and the commercial use fonts at

I guess I better add my thanks to the makers of Dr. Pepper for in the end with out them, we would all be a lot crazier…and anyone else who I have not mentioned. This TOU and thank you will be changed from time to time, as my sanity permits.

Crediting the Source: You must totally credit Southern Creek Designs…I want lights, flowers and my name flashing all over….hmmm chocolate, lots of chocolate! okay, *maybe* we can just do the name thing if you remember it, Updated 1-1-2010
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