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Has anyone ever kept track of how many pages they have done in a year? Just a thought that popped into my head this morning... ;)
Are you ready for some DSD??
(If you sang that as you read it, to the tune of Hank Williams' "Are you ready for some football...!" RAISE YOUR HAND (and like this)! ;D
yea !!!!! I finished all the tasks for the free mega kit !!!!!
Hope this is the right place to post this :)
I am unable to download the word art for the quote, everytime I click on the link it opens to a blank white page.
That is odd...I’m not home at the moment, and only on my phone. But I’ll check it out and figure out what’s going on.
I’m so sorry!
If you look up Grama in the dictionary, it will show you an image of a blessed woman who is exhausted. I'm truly blessed to have my 5 so close to me! ♥
I have been through every Page Kit - couldn't find any with a name that would indicate "monkey is causing problems" can't find the monkey graphic. GRRR!!
Is this only in Page Kits?
That monkey is giving everyone issues LOL Check out Carla's Treasures- First page :)
Hey Lisa, any hint for the word art or the monkey on the banner for today May 3rd. Found 4 of the 5 kits.
Check out Carla's Treasures store! The first page.....
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