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Discussion in 'Challenge Information and Announcements' started by KAPOH, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. KAPOH

    KAPOH Well-Known Member

    All of the links I previously posted appear to be gone in the forum and the Tracking thread. WHAT HAPPENED? How do I link to the gallery now?
  2. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    @LisaAdmin has been playing in the background... some things messed up, like pics and siggies (and apperently your links). I'm sure she's very sorry about that happening, but you prpbably need to go and see what links need to be fixed. Not sure how you linked before, but you can alwat copy/paste urls with the paperclip kind of symbol you'll find in the row above your message box (hope this sounds clear...).
  3. KAPOH

    KAPOH Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the explanation. This takes me back to last summer when there was that terrible glitch and I was so afraid PDW was GONE FOREVER!!!! :eek:There is NO WAY I can go back and fix all of the broken links! :confused:August's tracking thread was all screwed up with some of the postings linking to the wrong layout! I think I've fixed that:p, but ALL of my other links are broken, going back nearly two years! And that's just for the tracking thread. The forum links are gone, too. I'll try to fix Augusto_O but there is no way I can fix all of the other forum links. It would take too long.:(
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
  4. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    @KAPOH, I'm sure they will understand you do only August '17. All others have been checked and confirmed, so they were/are good.
  5. stater

    stater Well-Known Member

    My tracking thread was all messed up as well. What was posted in each challenge thread was fine though. Go figure.... ha!

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