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  1. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    Did you know eating bananas is a natural cure to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. I think I should be buying bananas by the bushel for my house LOL
  2. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Going to Walmart today. Where should I send the bushels?
  3. mrscwooddell

    mrscwooddell Digital Gator Designs - Claudette

    LOL, well, poo...I hate I guess I will pass on that tidbit of info. LOL {Just my luck}

    So glad it is Wednesday and we are half way done this week! :D
    Hope you all have a great day and go leave some love in the gallery I saw some gorgeous layouts over there! ;)
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  4. Tammys_Scrapping

    Tammys_Scrapping I run with Scissors


    Happy Wednesday everyone.
  5. stater

    stater Well-Known Member

    Oh bananas & peanut butter are yummy together.
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  6. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I got bananas yesterday...peanut butter in the pantry...LUNCH!!
  7. dhariana

    dhariana Member

    We always have bananas here! We are all nuts for bananas at my house. LOL!
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