VP #2 SEPTEMBER 2020 - White Space


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Welcome to the second Variety Pack challenge of September!

This is a white space challenge with a twist. My inspiration came when I saw the fabulous layout by Sylvia below in the gallery earlier this year. As a huge fan of white space layouts I added it to my favourites straight away. I fell in love with her wonderful way of saying so much with so little – a classic white space design.

So for this month’s challenge I would like you to take a picture of either

1. Yourself
2. Someone else
3. Or a pet

And crop it down to focus on one thing. In Sylvia's inspiration layout she focuses on the glasses and in my example layout I chose my daughter's cat Iris' eyes.

Here’s my layout -

Don’t forget to come back here to this thread and link to your layout so we can see the layouts and leave some love in the gallery!

Here's the important PDW Stuff.

1. Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer.
2. Be a new layout created for this challenge.
3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
4. Upload your layout to the Variety pack Challenge Gallery

You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products!

Be sure to keep track of your layouts & include links. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any! I can’t wait to see your layouts.


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Thank you so much, I love these types of challenges, Sylvia is my favorite white space artist. I have saved so many of her layouts. I used one of hers for my page.
I got my page done, went to the store for the kit link and this kit isn't here. UGH lol I am putting it here to remind myself to redo it. It's made with Lisa Rosa Designs - Your Royal Highness

White Space.jpg


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Awesome challenge, thank you so much for hosting, I'm Sylvia's admirer too. Actually white space layouts really catch me, still learning. Here's mine, full credits in gallery. Wishing you a very beautiful weekend!