VP #1 - December - You Are Loved

Elizabeth Weaver

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This one has the potential to be very special. It's a quickpage, but it may make you think.

This is an 8 x 10 layout. You will finish the layout and print it - and if I have my way, you'll give it to someone during this holiday season to remind them how loved they are.

The background is a 'mirror'. You may use the mirror 'paper' or you may insert a photo of your loved one, as though they are looking into the mirror. That will be large, the 8 x 10.

You know how you stick photos in your dresser mirror? Those are the ones you'll need to show in your loved one's mirror. So choose photos of family or places they love.

Also you'll need a couple of quotes they'll like - or even just a 'you are loved' handwritten jot or drawing. You can even get creative and write on the mirror with 'lipstick'!

It's meant to be uplifting - to show someone they are looking in the mirror and they have worth, they have love, they have a future full of happiness, or a past to be proud of.

But it can also be used for Heritage layouts. Put an ancestor's photo in the large background, and snaps of their descendants in the little frames.

Then decorate with any embellishments you like. What else might they stick on their mirror? Christmas garland? Twinkle lights?

It comes with and without mirror and frame - so you can frame your printed layout, or you can put it in a scrapbook with the frame printed on.

If you choose to add the 'reflection' larger photo, make sure your subject is looking at the camera! I think an indoor photo is more effective than the outdoor one I used here, but I was trying to use a fairly recent photo so I went with this one.

Great for Teens - use one of their selfies and smaller shots of things they love or people who love them
Newlyweds - use their wedding portrait and some of their honeymoon photos
Parents - use a couples photo and images of their kids
Ancestors - use a large image of an ancestor, and smaller images of several descendants
Ancestors - use a large photo of one person, and smaller images of their ancestors

Hobbyists - use a photo of one person and smaller images pertaining to their hobby or interests
Grandparents - use a photo of the grandparents and smaller ones of all their grandkids, or art work by the grandkids.
Military or frequent traveler - photo of individual and smaller images of places they've been or lived.

I'm sure the list goes on! I can't wait to see what you make of it!

Download the quickpage here:

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Wow- this is an amazing idea, quite the challenge and that QP/template is amazing too!!
mom super excited to play along and to see the pages created by everyone else!


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Wonderful challenge and template. Here is my version. I have made a pinboard - hope this is o.k.


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I've never read that novel, @Tbear, sorry! Can I buy a vowel?
Of course, you know now that Oscar Wilde will haunt you and possibly Chuck Woolery will solicit for payment at your door for such remarks.

Dorian Gray made a bargain to trade his soul for eternal beauty. He then goes about with rather questionable moral activities while his portrait in the attic changes with age and the evil appearance of sin.

Oscar Wilde shocked his contemporaries of Britain's society and was censored for his indecent writing....making him quite (in)famous in his time.

A book worth reading (or watch the movie?) because it swayed public opinion and rattled moral behavior.


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Great Quickpage ...thank you, here`s my take: