Siggy Challenge - December 2018


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This month is all about Christmas or Winter. Show off which ever you choose in your siggy!!!

I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this challenge. You can see it below.
I used my kit, When Autumn Departs


I can't wait to see your siggy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't have a lot of siggy requirements in our forum, the MAX size of your siggy should be no more than 700px wide and 200 - 300px tall. Just to keep the site running smoothly!!!! I save mine as png most of the time, but sometimes I save them with a white background jpeg. Either way will work.
To get your siggy to show up in your signature:
1. Head to the toolbar at the top of this forum and click on your Forum Name
(in the drop down you will see Signature, click that)

2. Insert your image from the gallery using copy + paste or the Photo Icon tool
(hit Save Changes when done)