September Template Challenge

Discussion in 'Template Challenge' started by LisaAdmin, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. LisaAdmin

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    Welcome to September's template challenge.
    1. Wrappers -- 1 wrapper for challenge participating and 1 wrapper for using all PDW products on the layout.
    2. Between Sept 1st and Sept 30st, 2016.
    3. Post your layout in the Template Challenge gallery and a link back here so we can see it.
    4. This month's prize will be a gift certificate from Southern Creek Designs! :)

    or download it here.

    For those who have a problem downloading it, here is a psd file where ALL the layers are hidden. When you go in, click the eyeball to "see" them all again:
    download it here.
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  2. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    Love, love, love this!!!
  3. Jodiii

    Jodiii New Member

    Here is mine :) I used BEautiful by Digital Ink
    Great template, thank you!
  4. stater

    stater Active Member

    Since I couldn't get the template to open in PSCS3 without crashing the program I just eyeballed it.

    Here's mine:

    Friends16.jpg [​IMG]
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  5. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    Love these :) (Changing the template above to state SEPTEMBER template LOL. That's what I get for late night typing)
  6. KAPOH

    KAPOH Active Member

  7. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    KAPOH! LOVE IT!!!!
  8. barbaraj

    barbaraj Active Member

    Thanks for the great template! Here's mine:

  9. spenny

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  10. demma_b13

    demma_b13 Designing Ninjas

  11. canpeg

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  12. snojewel

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  13. fl_connie

    fl_connie I run with Scissors

    Thanks, Lisa, for a super fun template! I'll be using this one again since I love the way the frame blends into the photograph.

  14. sandie03

    sandie03 I run with Scissors

    Forgot to post this way back. I used Simply Wonderful by Southern Creek Designs
  15. geoleoan

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  16. tissie12

    tissie12 Member

  17. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    Here's my version :)

  18. dj_W

    dj_W PDWrappers

    Thanks for fixing the template so it would work with PSCS3.

  19. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle I run with Scissors

    Great template. Thank you

  20. Windswept

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