September Digi Lovin'


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If you're new to the challenge, here is what you will be 'challenged' to do:
This challenge is not for you to scrap a page, but for you to leave some meaningful comments on pages in the GALLERY- and each month you will receive a pack of word art from me that usually coordinates with the monthly collab, if you leave 15 comments by the end of each month and post your before and after counts.

Here is a preview of what you will receive when you have completed 15 comments in September!! (Yeah, I went a little crazy this month LOL- I couldn't help myself!)

I will let you know here when I have sent your PM to you also, in case something happens and you didn't get it. I will be checking throughout the month for updated posts and send their links out as I do, for those who have completed.

To find your gallery stats: Go to the gallery, at the bottom left you will see 'Users Browsing Gallery' on your name and your stats page will pop up. You want to look at the bottom left for your number.

*For this challenge you will not be receiving Wrapper Points, but the Free WA pack. I would LOVE to see your pages when you use the WA too...FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR PAGES TO THE CHALLENGE GALLERY! ♥


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Starting at 1441 for September :)

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my starting count: 191
ending Sept: 197
I had an extremely busy and life challenging month so I just didn't get to do much of what I wanted to do this month :(
On to October!
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Ok, I am going to try this again ... I have some time today so I should be able to get at least a few! :rolleyes:

Starting at: 24
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