Sept VP Challenge #2 - Lyrics

Discussion in 'VP Archive' started by lebjs, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    Welcome to the second Variety Pack challenge for September.

    This is a lyric challenge. This month we’re going to focus on Fall/Autumn. You can pick any song from the link below and scrap it. There are 25 songs to choose from so I think all tastes will be covered and it gives us a great range of songs to pick from. You can pick either the title or some lyrics from your chosen song to scrap. Please don’t forget to include the Song and who it’s by in your credits.

    25 Tracks To Bring In The Autumn

    Here’s my sample layout. I picked number 21 - Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises and I used Josie Scraps lovely freebie that she created for the Wrapping in Color challenge in August.


    Here's the important PDW stuff.

    1. Please use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer.
    2. Your layout has to be a new layout created for this challenge.
    3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
    4. Upload your layout to the Variety pack Challenge Gallery

    You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products!

    Be sure to keep track of your layouts & include links and don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any! I can’t wait to see your layouts.
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  2. KAPOH

    KAPOH Well-Known Member

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  3. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    Very quick off the mark Kapoh with a wonderful ATC :)
  4. sandie03

    sandie03 I run with Scissors

    I saw that first title and knew I had the photos to use...taken on a cool ,windy, showery, grey day in beautiful Christchurch, NZ. earlier this year.
    Southern Creek Designs old kit Fall Blues was the perfect Fall grunge to showcase them.
    I confess I have never heard the song .
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  5. neeltje

    neeltje Late Bloomer

  6. lou

    lou I run with Scissors

    I picked the song Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You).
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  7. stater

    stater Well-Known Member

    I used the title to Simon & Garfunkel's 'Leaves That Are Green'.
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  8. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    Gosh you all have been very busy! These layouts are wonderful. I'll leave you all some love in the gallery :)
  9. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    Great challenge and pages!!
  10. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Leaves That Are Green by Simon and Garfunkle
  11. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Ok, this has nothing to do with this challenge but it has to do with lyrics.
    I'm one of those people who get a song in their head and it stays there for weeks (sometimes months)
    Anyway the song "If Ever I Should Leave You" has been playing on nauseam lately.
    If you're not familiar with the lyrics, it goes on and on about how certain times of the year that he would never leave her until you
    get to the end of the song and he says: If Ever I Should Leave You...well, not at all!"

    Evidently the man never did housework.
    Because on vacuuming day...all bets are off.
  12. Margery B Scow

    Margery B Scow New Member

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  13. fl_connie

    fl_connie I run with Scissors

    Fun challenge - and the lyrics had something for everyone!

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  14. Windswept

    Windswept I run with Scissors

    Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy

    Attached Files:

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  15. barbaraj

    barbaraj Well-Known Member

    Here's mine using John Coltrane – ‘Autumn Serenade’

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  16. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    Thank you ladies these layouts are just STUNNING!!!! I've left you all some love :)
  17. Pups_r_Paps

    Pups_r_Paps Active Member

    I love creating ATC's inspired by song lyrics. Unfortunately, I didn't know but a couple of the song choices, so I started looking at the lyrics."Autumn Almanac" (#3 on list) had some interesting ones. Since I love butterflies and they start out as caterpillars, that is the one I decided to use. I extracted a Monarch caterpillar from one photo and inserted it into another photograph of yellow and green leaves; then I attached that new photo to a mask and merged that into the outline of a leaf. Here is the result:
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  18. tissie12

    tissie12 Active Member

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  19. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    Thank you for the last two as well :)
  20. Betsyfru

    Betsyfru I run with Scissors

    Sorry, I just ran out of time and inspiration for this challenge...

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