Scraplift Challenge - July VP


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Welcome to the scraplift challenge!
This month we will be doing something different, but fun!

This is how it will go: You post your name here that you want to play, I will PM you the link of the page you are going to scraplift.
When you are done with your page, you will post your page and the one you lifted here, in the thread.

Everyone's pages will be different, and this will be a lot of fun!

I will be back soon with the page I have scraplifted, and my lift. I hope to see many of you join in on the fun!
And who knows, maybe one of the lifted pages will be yours?!


This challenge runs from July 15-31st

To be eligible for the posting bonus, please follow these guidelines:

1) Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper designer
(can be any item including designer samplers/freebies)
2) Be a new layout created for this challenge
3) Only be entered in one challenge category
4) Upload in the Variety Pack Gallery
AND add your link to this thread so we can leave you lots of lovies!
5) Have fun! Yes, that IS a rule!!

For playing along you will receive this for your bonus!
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Yay Sandie and Lisa...everyone has a page link sent to them to lift!

I can't wait to see what you all create!


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I forgot to add my page here...what a dork! I will be back in a while to post that too! SO SORRY, been a crazy month for me!


I run with Scissors
I scraplifted Modgee's Sweet Pea layout.(using Kimerics kit)

My page: I lifted the large closeup, with soulful expression, the spiral element on the right and the floral cluster on the lower left.

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Gone Crazy, back soon...
Becki you sure made my day today, thanks so much for choosing one of my pages for the challenge, Yeah Me ...I've never been lifted before and I feel so giddy with happiness:multistars:
love Sandie's page, she did rock it :)


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LOL Katie...somehow this did not show up in the New Posts!! :(

But I will send you a page to lift anyway, if you still want to play?

Shoot me a PM and I will reply, how's that?


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We should all be singing the hallelujah chorus. I finished a challenge!

I scraplifted : I_see_problems.jpg

Okay, it was a very loose scraplift ;)