SANDIE03 2020 Challenge Tracking


I run with Scissors
Starting with 8 points

Camera Wrapping: created using PDW Collab JAn 2020: Brisk

Template :

Colour Wrapping: Once there was a snowman by Southern Creek Designs

One Little Word: created using PDW Collab JAn 2020: Brisk plus word art by EMC

Quote: using Fran B Designs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Siggy: created using Baby New Year by Artgal Style

Digi Loving:

TTNRH challenge: using SCD: Once there was a Snowman

VP1: using design, template, drawing Created with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Fran B Designs

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Challenge Master
Awesome! Lisa will have your GC off to you asap...and I seriously love that page for my VP#1 challenge!! ♥

You're starting Feb with 2 ;)


I run with Scissors
Starting Feb with 2

Camera CHallenge: using My Funny VAlentine by Digital Gator Designs

Colour Challenge

Template: using My Person by LisaRosaDesigns

One Little Word using PDW Collab SweetiePie.

Quote: using Self Love by MArieH Designs


Mood Board

Siggie Using Self Love by Marie H Designs

END FEB 12 pts
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I run with Scissors
Starting Mar with 12

Camera Wrapping: using PDW Collab MArch Rainbows End


Template: Using Monkey Business by SCD

One Little Word: using Template, Word Art and Easter Story by EMC

Quote: Using PDW Collab Hip Hop


Siggy: using A Bit O Green by Carla's Treasures

Digi Loving starting 3120

TTNRH: using Luck of the Irish by Bubbles Bits

VP1: using Hip Hop Pdw collab

VP2: Font Slabor Brush

END MARCH: 28 pts
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I run with Scissors
March carryover:
April Tracking: 14pts

Colour: Bear Hunt by Designs by Romero

Camera: using Easter Story by EMC

One Little WOrd Keep CAlm using Global Hope by Artgal Style

Quote :Using Global Hope by ArtGal Style, WOrd Art Quote by Crzysqw

Siggy using KStewart RE



VP1 FRanB May2020

VP2; Out of Bounds: Using PDW Collab- Do It Yourself

END APRIL: 22 pts
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I run with Scissors
May Starting with 2

CAmera Challenge: Artgal Style: Ocean Mist

Colour challenge: Butterflies and Blooms by FranB Designs

template challenge

Digi loving 3130

Siggy: using Southern Creek Designs: Bless this nest

TTNRH: Southern Creek Designs: Quarantine




One Little Word template by Manda LAne Scraps, kit Bear Hunt by Romajo
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I run with Scissors
October Starting with 12

Camera Challenge: Using SCD Patches Template C and Simply Wonderful Kit ( also by Southern Creek Designs)

Siggy: using PDW Collab : Witches Brew

Colour Challenge: Using Autumn Breeze and Chills by Designs by Romajo

ONe Little Word: using Artgal Style: You never stop...
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