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    It's already the first quarter of 2019...time sure does fly by fast. I don't know about you, but there have been many changes in my life lately, and not all have been good. This gal is ready to be my Happy-Go-Lucky self again! :D

    Speaking of Happy-Go-Lucky, March is the month of green/luck/shamrocks/shenanigans/leprechauns, sometimes Easter and always Spring! I am hoping that you fill find a good use for this WA this month, and that you can see a way it will work for your March. You can use all or part of the WA for the challenge, it's up to you!


    Upload your page to the Quote Challenge gallery and share it with us here! :)

    "Here are the requirements that must be met for all PDW Challenges to receive points:
    1. To receive points you must Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer- You can use retired PDW products, freebies, and store collabs. BUT the designers have to be still active (except in the case of collabs)
    2. Be a new layout created for this challenge.
    3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
    4. Upload your layout to the Variety Pack Challenge Gallery and post the link and photo in this thread.
    5. Your page must be posted by the last day of the month in order to receive points.

    You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products if you keep track in the It's a Wrap Thread!! Those add up quickly-and 20 points will get you a $5 gift certificate to the PDW store
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  2. I love the last part of the quote! It's perfect for the final page of my son's Sea Base diving book. As a reminder that no matter how hard something looks, or how much work it looks like it is, it can be an amazing experience!
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    Great page!!
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    Really cool quote. Gotta search my photo stash for the right pic.
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    Here's mt layout :)

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    I was just completing this when I heard the oh-so-sad news from New Zealand.
    Christchurch is a beautiful, relaxed city with such friendly people still recovering and rebuilding from the horrific earthquakes of several years ago.

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