One Little Word- May 2017

Discussion in 'One Little Word' started by LisaAdmin, May 2, 2017.

  1. LisaAdmin

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    Ready for this months word? Use this word in a layout using one of the wordart provided, or using one of your own. If you use all PDW products, you get an extra challenge point!
    ENCOURAGE :) is the word of the month, as I kept mis-typing it I noticed that there is COURAGE in there. (If you aren't careful there can also be a lot of RAGE :))
    So, let's see your layouts!

    or you can download it here.
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  2. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    LOL Lots of Rage and Courage!
  3. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    Trust me, as I kept typo-ing it... I saw that RAGE ;)
  4. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    Thank you Lisa :)
  5. barbaraj

    barbaraj Well-Known Member

    Here's one from me. Thanks for the great word art!

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  6. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    It's all about the AGE... ;)
    For some reason, I only can say it (encourage) in French... :)
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  7. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master


    I encourage everyone to do the challenges, keep track and earn points for a Gift Certificate! ;)
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  8. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    Love this Barbara!
  9. smikeel

    smikeel Well-Known Member

    Very Nice word art - Thank you so much!
  10. KAPOH

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  11. smikeel

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  12. neeltje

    neeltje Late Bloomer

    This couple have been sitting in my mother`s livingroom for years, and now since 2 years they have found a spot in my livingroom. I love them and especially the male doll reminds me of my grandfather
    kit Fading memories by Designs by Romajo.
  13. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    Thanks for the lovely word art and challenge!

  14. sandie03

    sandie03 I run with Scissors

    Lovely word art.

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  15. lou

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  16. beatricemi

    beatricemi Well-Known Member

    Here's mine. Thanks for the wa and the challenge!
  17. Windswept

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  18. Pups_r_Paps

    Pups_r_Paps Active Member

    This is an ATC.
  19. Carla

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