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Discussion in 'One Little Word' started by Elizabeth Weaver, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Elizabeth Weaver

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    Not here in south Texas, but certainly in a lot of other parts of the US - we are having lots of inclement weather. The kind that makes you want to curl up by a fire with a cup of hot tea or cocoa and a favorite book.

    So your word for March is 'book' or some variation, or 'reading' or some variation. Either will do. Read an instruction manual, if you like! It wouldn't blow up my skirt, but I once knew someone who would ONLY read manuals and textbooks! He did not care for fiction one iota.

    There should be something in this set for adults and children alike. The use of the freebie is NOT required, as long as you use the word 'book' or 'reading' or some variation in your layout title. Just upload your page to the OLW gallery and link it in this thread so I don't miss any! Thanks!

    Does 'clamor' have a 'u' in it (clamour) in the British spelling? I thought it did but couldn't find it -anyway, I can make that adjustment and add it in if so. Edit: Added to zip - thanks Julia!

    One more thing: Watch for my Variety challenge in the second half of March which will coordinate with this. Save one of your book ideas for that challenge! You'd still have to create two layouts to get wrappers for both, but you could possibly use this word art for that challenge as well, so be watching for it.

    Here is the freebie:


    Here are the requirements that must be met for all PDW Challenges to receive points:
    1. To receive points you must Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer- You can use retired PDW products, freebies, and store collabs. BUT the designers have to be still active (except in the case of collabs)
    2. Be a new layout created for this challenge.
    3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
    4. Upload your layout to the OLW gallery -, and post the link and photo in this thread.
    5. Your page must be posted by the last day of the month in order to receive points.

    You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products if you keep track in the It's a Wrap Thread!! Those add up quickly-and 20 points will get you a $5 gift certificate to the PDW store
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  2. Julia

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  3. Elizabeth Weaver

    Elizabeth Weaver Designing Ninjas

    Thanks Julia! I'll fix up the zip this weekend.
  4. Tbear

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    Potato - Potatou
    Tomato - Tomatou
    Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of putting a U in my words. :D
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  5. Elizabeth Weaver

    Elizabeth Weaver Designing Ninjas

    ScreenHunter_5498 Mar. 01 15.07.jpg
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  6. snojewel

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  7. Elizabeth Weaver

    Elizabeth Weaver Designing Ninjas

    "Clamour" added to set and zip reuploaded.
  8. demma_b13

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  9. KAPOH

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  10. Windswept

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  11. I thought this was perfect for some NY Public Library photos!!
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  12. Julia

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    For a family of readers, we have remarkably few book related photos.
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  13. stater

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  14. Tedasgram

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    Don't you just HATE when your layout is complete and you get it uploaded in the gallery only to start the description and discover that the designer is no longer in the store. UGH. :confused::mad:o_O
  15. Tedasgram

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  16. Tbear

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    It was a thrill to see her at the book signing. She is one of my favs.
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  17. lebjs

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    Here's my layout :)

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  19. lou

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    Thanks for the wa!

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