One Little Word - June 2018

Elizabeth Weaver

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It's SUMMER! No classrooms, no rules, no packed lunches or grades! Study what you want, or just relax! And on that note, make up your own 'one little word'!

You can use the free word art of made up words to inspire you, or you can make up your own. If you use your own, it should be something you and your family or friends actually say or use. I want your layout to be meaningful to YOU! So if there's a word your child mispronounced when young, consider scrapping that. (My daughter said, 'clamster' for any sea creature, lol) If there's a special nickname for someone, maybe that would be a good word to scrap, along with a photo of him or her. Just have a think on it, and add a special page to your scrapbook this month!

I look forward to seeing your layouts - please link them in this thread so I don't miss them, and can comment!

Here is the word art to download:


Here are the requirements that must be met for all PDW Challenges to receive points:

1. To receive points you must Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer- You can use retired PDW products, freebies, and store collabs. BUT the designers have to be still active (except in the case of collabs)
2. Be a new layout created for this challenge.
3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
4. Upload your layout to the (challenge gallery specific) and post the link and photo in this thread.
5. Your page must be posted by the last day of the month in order to receive points.

You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products if you keep track in the It's a Wrap Thread!! Those add up quickly-and 20 points will get you a $5 gift certificate to the PDW store


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We made up nicknames for all of our pups. Instead of shortening Beaux D's name we added a syllable and came up with "BowBaDee" ("Bow" pronounced like a hair ribbon and not like a dog's utterance!). Trooper had cancer and had to have a leg amputated - hence he is now our "Tripod Troopster" (and doing quite well, thank goodness); finally, the breeder was going to name our Chihuahua "Jelly Bean". We changed it to "Cocoa Bean", because of her brown coat, and shortened to "The Bean".

Elizabeth Weaver

Designing Ninjas
I just went through and read all your journaling in the thread, and I'm going to go comment in the gallery, but I have to say how entertained I am by each and every one! Loving this month's challenge!


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Thanks for the fun wa!!
My 2.5 yr old son calls hippopotamus "petit-potame" in French, which translates as "small-potamus" (and does sound like the French word hippopotame, which is a bit too hard for him to pronounce correctly). I used you ginormous word-art too, as it seems a better description than "petit"!!

On our last visit to the zoo, we got to see the couple. They were having a sleep in, then one of them (had to be the male... probably asking the wife to fix his breakfast! lol) woke up and was pushing the other one to get it to wake up too!