May Template Challenge

Discussion in 'Template Challenge' started by mrscwooddell, May 1, 2016.

  1. barbaraj

    barbaraj Active Member

    Here's my version of trying to copy the template:

  2. tajicat

    tajicat New Member

    I'm sorry it is so late. I've tried for days to load my layout, since May 31, the site was down for me until now. I couldn't upload earlier in May, too much bad weather (at least we didn't flood or get carried off by a tornado, people died here from both), power outages and internet out, also have a broken ankle that isn't much help. I keep trying to load the PSD, forget to save for web!
    The original disappeared, hope this sticks.
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  3. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    A little late in uploading but here is my layout using this great template!


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