May I get a Favor?


The Nut of my Kingdom
Hi all you creative scrapbooking friends. I would like to ask a small favor of you all please and thank you so much for just a moment of your time. My dear niece is taking a special arts program at her high school and she has submitted two pieces of work so far. This website sells it online and the highschool arts program gets a percentage of the proceeds for their ongoing program but I'm not asking you to purchase anything unless you wish to.

What I am asking is if you could simply goto this link HERE I am providing and leave some encouraging comments on my nieces artwork for her. (She only has 2 pieces to comment on). I realize I am prejidice and biased since she is my baby girl but I love her art work. She's been doodling and drawing since she was in diapers and I think her baby brother is following in her footsteps but he's not old enough for the classes yet.

Thanks for your time and hopefully your comments to boost my baby girl into continuing her artwork. I love you one and all. :)