May Camera Wrapping


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Camera Wrapping Challenge May 2014

Household Mystery Macro Photo

1. Choose a household item- furniture or appliance etc.
2. Snap a macro (very closeup) shot from an unusual angle or just a part of the item.(eg vacuum cleaner hose ridges, electric kettle element, castors on a bed...)
3. Scrap the photo as an ATC, postcard or full page.
4. Journal with text or just single words your feelings about the item (eg iron - steamy, heavy, makes me weary...)

Post in the gallery and link to this thread, plus track also in your Challenge tracking thread.
For 1 wrapper, complete the challenge. For 2 wrappers, use all PDW items.

Have fun.

Here is my page:I uses Keystone by ArtGal.


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I was trying to take a picture of this budding orchid on top of this glass table and just LOVED how the texture of the glass looked.


I run with Scissors
Kapoh, What an interesting photo. Loved the mingling of the wavy lines and the glass textures of the table. The orchid is beautiful.


WOO HOO...I saw "ATC" and knew I was going to get one done. I'm sure you can all guess what this is.
May Camera Challenge_edited-1.jpg


I run with Scissors
That was a big hint...I'm guessing what I know as an abacus, counting frame.
Lovely work.Great colour combo. Love the abacus type paper in the background.