MAY 17th-31st


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Crazy week here. We have two people on vacation this week and since there are only 4 of us it makes for a crazy week. Anyway its May and tornado season here in Kansas. Since the April showers have brought the May flowers already....I am ready to see some of the storm. I have amamzing pictures of the most recent tornado about a week ago. So This challenge is to create a storm layout. Show us the storms in your area. Not everyone gets tornados like we do in Kansas.


see :) About 10 blocks from my home, but it never actually touched the ground here.


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WOW, I am glad they never touched down. We have tornado's here too. We have been way too close to a couple of the really big ones that have dropped. Will have to dig through and see if I can find some pics for it!

Sami Brown

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We get rainstorms and snowstorms but that is about it. Oh and the occasional windstorm. But nothing like a tornado.


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Hi ladies!!

WOW...I wouldn't be HAPPY to see a tornado! LOL DD2 and her family lived in Iowa last year and I would freak out everytime I saw some action on the news. So happy they are back home in Oregon! :)

Living in NW Oregon, we only see rain, snow, some wind and sometimes we get lucky in the Summer with lots of sun! LOL

I think I have some snow pics somewhere...does that count or do I need pics of it snowing? (I might have a couple of those somewhere too)


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My storm photo - mostly just a tropical deluge, but occasionally with hail and fierce winds.



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Wow Sandie-that's awesome!!

I found my photos and now there is something seriously wrong with my I am in the process of learning my CS3! I REALLY want to get my page done for this challenge!