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Discussion in 'Template Challenge' started by Optic Illusions - Kate, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Hello Everyone
    Happy Spring!!

    The weather is so wonky during the changing of the seasons.
    One minute it is raining and the next it is snowing
    the birds are making their way north and I have already started see some red winged black birds
    I can't tell you how much this means to me this year but it is a welcome sight.

    We will be exploring white space this month for your template challenge.
    I have touched base with this before and had made up a few templates to use but never went back to them.
    This is the second template in a set of four that I had made.



    Can't wait to see what you all come up with.
    As always, remember to post in the challenge gallery as well as here so that we may admire your artwork


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  2. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    Adorable template sweets, thank you!
  3. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    Super template - thank you :)
  4. grambie

    grambie New Member

    Love the white-space design. It has been a while because of illness, as I am still recuperating. I still think of you. I look forward to participating in this month's challenge. :coffee:
  5. sandie03

    sandie03 I run with Scissors

    My page: using I am Me by PhloxDragon Designs. Thank you Kate for this lovely template.

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  6. KAPOH

    KAPOH Active Member

  7. lilusmom

    lilusmom New Member

    I loved this template. Thank you. Here's what I did with it.
  8. tissie12

    tissie12 Member

  9. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    I rotated the template for my layout :) Thanks Kate!

  10. demma_b13

    demma_b13 Designing Ninjas

  11. canpeg

    canpeg Active Member

    I rotated mine, too ;) Here it is ...

  12. barbaraj

    barbaraj Active Member

    Great template! Here's mine:

  13. snojewel

    snojewel I run with Scissors

    Thanks for the great template! Here is my take on it:

  14. geoleoan

    geoleoan I run with Scissors

  15. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    Here's mine! :)

  16. cla

    cla I run with Scissors

    Here's mine - thanks!
  17. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Excellent Pages!!!
    I will be sending everyone a coupon code as soon as I am done posting April Challenge!

    Thank You all for taking part!!
  18. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Everyone should have a coupon code now. If I missed you, just send me a pm and I will get one out to you.
  19. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle I run with Scissors

    Sorry. I had this done but forgot to post!
  20. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Hi Rachelle,
    I sent you a coupon code. It should be in your mailbox.

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