March 31: Orange you glad I didn't say Lemon


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Bunsen Burner Day: I've got nothing for this one. Don't burn the house down?

Earth Hour: not to be confused with Earth Day. I believe this has to do with turning out the lights for one hour. You've got it. One hour... this morning... I will keep all the lights off.

National "She's Funny That Way" day: This would be something that you DON"T want to say to a woman when she is trying to make a point...

National Love our Children Day: Apparently we had to make up for Texas only loving them one day. So, love your children today!

In food today, we have Oranges and Lemons Day. These do NOT have to be eaten together. My kids prefer the cutie oranges, and eat them by the dozen... literally... at one time.

PS, I think it is time for new smilies!


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:smileybunny: Lovely smileys.. I've just found the stache of smilies (after all these years of being on this forum.

Earth hour was fun at school - try finding a book in the library in the dark!


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If you love your children, don't let them play with bunsen burners. Or use the bunsen burners to light up the room, since all the lights are off.

I need smilies.


I'm having major Photoshop withdrawal today. I always get creative when I'm worked up about something. But the laptop has been at the computer hospital for two weeks and isn't ready yet, and the desktop got the blue screen four times yesterday, so I'm not going to even try.


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HUGS to you Kelly girl! Hoping your computer is fixed by the computer doc.

I promise I will never own a bunsen burner so my children will never be tempted to play with it :)