Lori asked so here it is....


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I used PSP 12 for doing the printing in sand effect.
To convert to for CS3 users I saw this tutorial on
Stone Text Effect HERE

How I did the sand writing on my Seaside Adventure.

Font in example fONTASTIC
Once you have your title done, change it
to a Raster layer, you can then add a effects
to it.

Effects / Cutout

vertical 5
Horizontal 10

Opacity 60
Blur 5

Shadow #8f4d21
For the shadow color I used the dropper
tool to pick up one of the darker colors
in the backgroud.

fill interior color #e5be8b
When choosing the color I used the dropper
tool to pick one of the lighter colors in
the background for the fill color.
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Great tut Fran! For those lazy people like me, Nicole Perry has a Written In Sand Style that gives the effect with a click of the button.


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Thank you Thank you Thank you, Fran!! :fairy: :fairy: :fairy:

I checked out Nicole Perry's action - it looks AWESOME. I am totally going to buy it ($6.00 on Commercial Use site).