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When you upload pictures/ layouts to the forum, you might think you are going to lose your mind. NEVER FEAR! You really aren't. How to do it

Click on the little "tree framed" icon in the bar:

It should bring up a pop up window.
Click the button "select files" and select your file off your computer:

Once they are selected, press the button Upload Files:

A thumbnail will appear of your picture. You are not done yet.....
If you hover over the picture, you will see a little pencil appear in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. Click on it.

It will bring up a pop up window with a set of options.
Click on Full Size and Save.

Now when you submit your post, the picture will appear full size, and not thumbnail size.

Some weird things happen occasionally. Sometimes it will say "attachment ***", rather than uploading your picture. If you leave and come back it will usually resolve it. Sometime you have to re upload. Thanks Vbulletin for THAT improvement :)

Hope this helps!



Thanks Lisa. I had to always put it in PhotoBucket first and that is a pain1 Always wondered how to do it!!


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I would like to know if I'm the ONLY one that doesn't get an option to upload from my computer? When I click on that icon, all I get is URL. Thats it! so, I'm stuck with photobucket or posting from an image in the shop or the gallery. Figures its me, huh?


That's all I can get to come up, Kim. Lisa do you do anything else to get that pop up window, because I sure don't.


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hmmm, no. I just click on the button and it pops up that way. I am wondering if it is your browser (not sure why that would change anything, but who knows). I am using firefox.


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I use IE - - I have no idea if thats what causes it or not - I just know that I can't upload from my PC. darn it all.


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well the pic uploads to the full size however it's all blurry - humm....I've tried several times and also checked each one again in PS to make sure the file I saved is okay, which it is. I'm so confuzzled!:coffee:


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I use Firefox and this is how I post forum/gallery photos...
Go to the image in the gallery you want to post in the forum, right-click the image and choose COPY IMAGE LOCATION go to thread in forum, choose that tree thingie icon from the top and hit CTRL V then enter that pops the photo into your message box, then you go back to the image copy the URL from the top and go back to the forum and copy and paste this under your page so we cal leave some love....


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I use Mozilla and all I get is the url bar at the top, no window to upload my files... Could it be a problem of permission (some accounts might have permission to upload and others not)??


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OK, I have a question. Some of my team and myself don't get the box where we can upload from our computers only a url box. We can get a link from the gallery but then the layouts for a kit that isn't out yet would have to be put into the gallery sooner. Are we doing something wrong that we are not getting the same dialog box that you are showing?


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I am not sure why... the permissions should be set up the same for everyone. I will have to go take a look and see if I missed a button somewhere (HIGHLY probable)


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Check under your General Settings (Forum Actions > General Settings) at the bottom of the page and see what you have selected under Miscellaneous Options. Do you have Enhanced Uploading on or off?