June 1st-15th Create your own paper with overlays and stamps


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Since this is a creation challenge you can have till the end of the month to try to make your own paper.

If only I had a paper that had ___________. Every had that sinking feeling that the perfect paper just isn’t there, and then spend an hour or more online to find something that will work. Not perfect , but close enough? It is actually very easy to create your own perfect paper using
either CU or PU overlays.
An Overlay is a file that is saved as a png. Most png files have a transparent background, so that part of the layer below shows through the overlay layer. These can be quite handy in creating papers quickly due to the transparent nature of the file type. This way you can make the paper any color. I love many of the commercial use paper overlays avialable that have already created the pattern for me, but I still tweak them using other brushes and stamps. Making the perfect background for whatever project I am creating is challenge but very rewarding. For this tutorial I am using one full paper brush, one commercial use full paper texture, and two smaller brushes to add that final special something.
items used: Apple brush no. 2 by Natalie Designs Designer stach vol 1 by MK Designs Art brush 1 & 2 by Kay Lewis

Step one: Open a new project in your program and fill the background with any color that you love. I chose purple since its my favorite color.
Step 2: Add the textured paper overlay on top of the filled base layer. I chose to use hard light mode from the layers pallette to add depth to my paper.

You now have a basic paper. You could stop here but that is boring, in my opinion, I love a background with umph.
Step 3: I now add the floral overlay to my project. Then I chose to make the leaves a darker shade of purple so they would blend better. I chose a color one darker shade than the origional background color. I added a new layer and created a clipping mask (ctrl key plu G) to recolor the leaves.

Step 4: Now for some love and artistic quality. I add the stamps to my layers pallette. Erase parts that I don’t want shown and move them around to make the paper appeal to what I need for the project. I use the overlay mode on all of the stamps to blend them into the background. And now I have paper that I love.

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Here's mine. Found this very intriguing. I knew what I wanted to create, but this was so much better than I imagined. I used overlays, stamps, splotches, textures and clocks with reduced opacity to create the paper. Then added elements from Lisa Hanks SCD_ MistyNights kit, plus used the postcard as an overlay to create the worn look on the photo.



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Nope you didn't have to make a layout. I was just challenging you to try something new. I love how it turned out!!!!

Sandie-Stunning vintage paper. love the grey and the clocks very cool.

Sami- I love the bright red and the rose. I could find a use for that paper I am sure with all of the flowers in bloom.


Nothing like waiting until the last day, but I really have been trying to get this one done. Credits in gallery.