July Desktop Challenge


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I am SOOOO EMBARRASSED! I can't believe I ddin't post this. Here is the VERY LATE July desktop challenge:
1. I provide a template.
2. Change it up, or use as is to create a monthly Desktop jpg.
3. Wrappers -- 1 wrapper for challenge participating and 1 wrapper for using all PDW products on the layout!

There are 3 sizes: 1024x768, 1280x800, and 1920x1080. The calendar has 2 choices- Sunday start, or Monday start.
or you can download it here.


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I'm at the other house...and man oh man...weeding, trimming, mulching and did I mention...weeding!!! I've gotten two large trash containers (the big ones that go to the curb for pick-up) full. Well, between the gardening and the tossing of unused junk in the cupboards and closets trying to free up some space for my DGD to move in with me this weekend. She bought a new house and has a month between the end of her apartment lease and the date she can start moving into her new home.
I need a break. A time to relax and scrap a bit. This challenge really comes at the right time.


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Regarding my desktop layout above:
While I am flattered that I'm seeing comments on this layout is of me and my mom. It is of my daughter (left) and me (right)
She is always kidding me about what a terrible cook I am. I mean...just because I used Frosted Flakes in my turkey stuffing :)
We always joke about she and I being on the America's Worst Cooks TV show as a mother/daughter team.
So I scrapped this desktop so I could print it out and magnet it to my refrigerator as a surprise when she visits.