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manda lane

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Hey y'all! I hope that {inter}National Scrapbooking Day ... okay, weekend ... it treating you right! My challenge for the weekend is a Tic Tac Toe challenge. It's super easy! Just check out the chart and pick a line (across, down, diagonal) and make sure to incorporate the instructions in that line in your layout. Don't feel limited - you don't have to do just those things. Make your layout as awesome as you are! I can't wait to see them!


- No double dipping. Layouts used for this challenge must be unique to this challenge.
- Layouts need to be uploaded the end of Sunday night to be counted.
- I will message out prizes by Monday evening.
- One lucky scrapper will win a $5 gift certificate to my store! :)

For your prize, you will get these fun glitters that match the {i}NSD Blog Hop. The other half of the colors are posted for free on my blog as part of the hop, so make sure to head on over there to make sure you have the complete set.


Elizabeth Weaver

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Thank you Manda for the challenge! I used the left vertical list. (counting my bg as 'solid' even with its watermarks; hope that works)

I've gone against the rule of making the photo subject look IN to the layout. I tried it that way, but it didn't look right - because of the way the photo is composed where the subject (full disclosure, it's me) is looking out of it. So I went with that and I'm happy with it - but it may look weird to some scrappers.

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These challenges are so much fun- I love it when a challenge can create so many different outcomes!


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I picked at least 1 solid paper, add some paint & stitch it down.

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