I'm retiring so it's Sale Time!

Discussion in 'Special Sales!' started by Phloxy, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Phloxy

    Phloxy Designing Ninjas

    Yes... it's time for me to retire - I'm so grateful to my PDW family - it's been a wonderful fun 6 years here but now it's time to close the doors. SO.. that means a huge sale! My entire store is at least 60% off !

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  2. LoveitScrapit

    LoveitScrapit Designing Ninjas Staff Member

    Awwww :( best of luck on your new adventures!
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  3. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear this and best wishes on whatever adventure is next.
  4. mrscwooddell

    mrscwooddell Digital Gator Designs - Claudette

    Awe, we will miss you tons! :(
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  5. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    You will be missed! Good luck on your future adventures!
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  6. Windswept

    Windswept I run with Scissors

    You will be missed
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  7. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    We are going to miss you! Have an amazing adventure! :) Awesome sale!
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  8. Phloxy

    Phloxy Designing Ninjas

    Thankyou everyone! I'm not going far, I'm really wanting to scrap more! So I'll be trying my hand at a few challenges etc! I need to focus more on my business & family - please feel free to follow along with me if you like! my instagram & my FB page. :) I'm really bad at social media! :)
  9. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    What a sale! It's sad to see your designs go but I'm really glad to know you'll be still here, scrapping with all of us :)
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  10. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    What she says! :) Sorry to see you leave the shop, but happy to know that you stay at the PDW-nest.
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  11. Phloxy

    Phloxy Designing Ninjas

    Yep, I can't wait to start scrapping again!
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