How To Add Your Siggy in the Forums


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August 2019
Here's a small tutorial to help you add your siggy:

Go to the Forums and click on your name and then click on Signature. This will open up the Signature dialogue box.
step 1.jpg
Step 2
In the Signature dialogue box, click on Browse

step 2.jpg

Step 3
Go to the location of your siggy thumbnail on your computer and click on it and then on OPEN (I am using Microsoft Windows 10 so your location might look a bit different.)
step 3.jpg
Step 4
Type the following into the blank box space at the top of the dialogue box
step 4.jpg
Step 5
This is how my finished siggy addition looks
Step 5.jpg
Click Save


I run with Scissors
Does not work for me..just like if I try to link my LO in the forum I put the link in but it does not come up once I hit reply so I have been putting the link in seperately


I run with Scissors
Many thanks. This tutorial worked well for me. Just remember to refresh after you have added the image.


I run with Scissors
My memory is getting older and more forgetful as the days pass, and I won't remember how to do this by next month (next week). Could this link be added to the first post for the Siggy challenge each month. Thanks.