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    Welcome to the Holly Dollar Days here at PDW.
    I decided to take that as my theme as well: Holly Dollar Days is all about the Christmas shopping and getting ready for the 25th of December.
    Today I have 3 single packs to offer and each is available for $1. But... only today!

    Holly Dollar Days, Alpha Pack 1:

    Holly Dollar Days, Elements:

    Holly Dollar Days, Papers:
    City sidewalks get busy with all Christmas shoppers getting their gifts. Kids want to see Santa, adults need to buy presents for everyone and the streets are overloaded with people carrying bags and boxes.
    Welcome to the Holly Dollar Days when a lot of money is spent in the shops. It is something you hate or love, but we all have to deal with it.
    Holly Dollar Days is all about the shopping during those winter days when shops and streets turn into well lit up places of happiness and seduction. How do you get through these days?

    Keep coming back every day, because later this month I have 3 add-ons to this as well.

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