I love the freedom of this week's challenge, but am really intimidated by it. Digiscrapping is completely new to me and I really don't know how to do anything, in fact I don't even understand the techniques listed in the challenge. Can anyone teach me something easy (new is a given-it's all new)? I would love to learn to colorize b/w photos.


are you working with an old photo that is black and white or one that you had in color and changed to b&w yourself. If it's the latter you can check out this thread.

If you're starting with a b&w and want to add some color experiment with your brushes. Not sure what program you use but just make sure you're working on a layer other than your original that way everything can be undone. Change the flow or opacity of your brush to get different effects. you can also change the opacity of the layer you are painting. it's really a trial and error thing.

Since you're so new to digiscrapping don't worry about the advanced techniques. You'll get there. Have fun with text paths, clip some paper to a font to make a cool title, or to shapes to add design to your composition.

Clustering is a technique that seems to evolve with the scrapper. Take your elements from the kit and duplicate them, re-size them layer them....just make a big jumble.

Extractions (imagine the main subject of the photo cut from the background) can be effective. I personally love "out of bounds" (a.k.a. OOB) which is where you extract part of the subject like a leg maybe and it hangs out over the frame on your LO.

My suggestion would be to pick one (or 2 if you choose some easier ones) and ask specific questions from there. We're all here and happy to help!


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Tricia...I would be honored to play with you
I am by no means a pro...but remember learning and becoming frustrated with it...
what program do you have?