Hello all


I am Ayelet, 36 years old house wife addict to scrapbooking, digital and traditional, with all the glue, papers and scissors. I find the site in facebook and I am waiting to know more from you


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Welcome Avia! Addicted to scrapbooking?
Hello, my name is Tbear and I am a scrapbook addict.

Sound familiar? :)

Kimberly Stewart

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Welcome, Avia! I too am a digital scrapbook addict. I am also a fontaholic and a craft supply hoarder! Oh, and my most favorite color in the whole wide world is PURPLE!! ;)


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Welcome to PDW Ayelet. I'm looking forward to seeing your pages in our gallery :)


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Welcome to PDW, have a great time. Can't wait to see what you create.
And no scrapbook addict here... but I might be in denial… ;)