Happy Black Friday!


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---- Best time to start a Black Friday- Late ......after sleeping in.
So I have to ask, do you go shopping on black Friday?
(obviously I don't, unless it is from my chair- on my computer)


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Nope, not this year. I was going to buy 2 hardside suitcases for our trip to the Holy Land on Dec. 30, but haven't hit the purchase button yet, need to find how to enter the promo code on Kohl's website!


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I'm really late to get started this year .... used to get up early to hit the stores, but now I just try to shop online. This year I also wanted to check out all the digi-scrap sales, but I've been busy all day taking care of my MIL & trying to fix my hubby's cell phone problems!!


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I didn't find much on any online Black Friday sale. We hosted our family luncheon so there wasn't much time.
However, I did get a couple of the grands to go online and pick out some gift ideas. So I consider that shopping....the easy and best way!


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Australia has taken on board the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping spree. In Australia this year Black Friday sales started on Monday, lasted a week and ended on Monday night. I shopped for a new laptop online. I had tried to buy it a few days before at a real store but they had sold out, so I shopped online, found the same laptop / different branch/same store was $300 cheaper in the BF sale, and freight was only $10, so I came out the winner...and it arrived in under 30 hours ( unheard of for where I live). I;ve spent a week backing up and transferring files, re-installing programs etc. Think all is sweet now.


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Here in Holland it has been the same, @sandie03 (love you new siggy too, lol).
Next year they want to start the sales on the Friday a week before Black Friday...

This year I shopped at a few digishops and I decided to have my Christmas cards all set up to be sent next week (they had a small discount for the weekend). My sister went for a new laptop, too.


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here it lasted 3 days but I was bored to search for anything and theoffers didn`t seem real offers ...