Good Morning 9-5-19


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I am keeping my eye on the storm, waiting to hear how you are doing Betsy! and also anyone else on that path. I have heard from some friends in Florida that all is well. Otherwise.... we are buckling down for a normal Thursday at our house. It's almost time to send the college kids back on their way. There might be a little cheering here :) Time to get the house back on some sort of a schedule.
Happy Thursday!


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We are keeping tabs on the storm too. The thing for our area is tornadoes so Spring is the season for us.
Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers that the east coast stays safe from Dorian.


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We are in the beginnings of the storm, the eye wall is just brushing the coast, and we are 19 miles west of that in Conway. If you watch the weather channel maybe they'll mention us! There have been a couple of tornadoes on some areas nearby and the storm surge is probably going to flood Myrtle Beach, but we are clear of that. We still have plenty of wind and rain to go thru tonight. Our new generator is ready and standing by if we lose power. We will be fine, thanks for the prayers and for keeping watch for us!


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Where I'm at it has been pushing in a lot of dry hot air in. Too hot if you ask me. Today we are getting sustained winds of 15 TO 20 MPH along with gusts of 25 TO 30 MPH. Other than that okie dokie here in Metro Atlanta.