Good Morning! 09-15-2020


Rockin Ninja Boss
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And so Tuesday begins- I have officially dropped of 3 kids to college now. I am down to six kids in the house. It feels almost empty! I am not sure what I am going to do when I am dropping off those last two at college and I come home to an empty house. HAHA I will dance around the house naked, I think!
Anyway- Happy Tuesday!


Designing Ninjas
I made it all the way to the office today. I didn't want to.....but I did
Then at the end of the day, our boss told us that now he's leaving to go back to the original department he was hired for last summer.


Designing Ninjas
It should have been better for those around me if I had stayed in bed... I almost killed someone...
Anyway, it was such a kind of day, Murphy's law was nothing...


Designing Ninjas
Tell us more!
Are you sure???
Here at work we have a company to call when we have bugs, wasps, mice and rats. The man who normally comes is sick at the moment, so his coworker is coming. And this man came yesterday to destroy a wasp's nest. He was not happy the way I had put down the message (well, I think he just can't read properly). Anyway, he decided to tell me what to do. If he had gone on, I would have stomped him in his rat face... (or kicked him in his wasp sting...).
Than after work I had to get petrol. It's a self-service station, where you have to pay at a pole. I think I had put in my card at least 10 times, I tried another card as well, but it kept giving an error. Happened it was out of order and they were working on it, so I had to use another pole to pay at...
Well, these were the 2 big things, I forgot about all those small things that didn't go as they should... (like when cooking dinner the vegatables happen to be gone wrong...).

Anyway, today is a new day with new chances and possibilities.