Good Morning! 06-30-2020


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AND! It was scorching hot yesterday. We were up into the 100's with SUN everywhere :) With everyone wearing face masks, I can imagine we are going to be sporting pretty funky sunburns/ tans this year! Are you still wearing masks in your area? Our state is "Partially" open, but encouraging face masks- strongly :)


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Same here in Ohio. I've been seeing a lot more people not social distancing and without masks and now Covid 19 is on the rise again.
It's not over and it's too soon to discard precautions. Wish the powers that be would get it straight and be united.

Oh, and to add to my own personal acute reaction to some unidentified weed in my garden has reeked havoc again on my sinuses. Spontaneous nose bleeds. Very attractive...not. So not only do I get to look like the granny avenger (without cape) at the grocery store, I now must don the mask when weeding my garden. With spots of dried blood stains.

A few years ago (true story) I was hot, sweaty and in my raggedy garden outfit digging in my back yard. A small neighborhood child approached me. When I turned to look at him, he screamed and ran back to his house. If he finds me in my mask next time, he'll need to sleep with the lights on for the rest of his life. :D


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I live in a stupid state where you can do pretty much what you want. Of course they encourage social distancing & masks, but lots of folks don't. High rish people, with underlying conditions, are the ones who have to stay home until at least July 15th. Seniors, without these conditions, are now allowed to do what they want. Crazy....

Meanwhile, the cases just keep climbing.... sigh!


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The numbers continue to climb here in South Carolina, and in particular in the Myrtle Beach area where I live. Many people are coming here on vacation and then going back home and coming downs with COVID-19. There was a report of 100 teens from Northern VA who came here, had over 40 people staying in one house and then partied all week with the 100 people. No masks, no social distancing, no wonder they got sick when they went back home!


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Here we were okay. The quarantine ended but still in close spaces we have to wear mask, social dinstancing etch. The problem rised again when we opened our borders and the number of cases started to climb again. Today we had 25 cases, 12 came from aboard. lebs is right, this will take time, not to mention the economic catastrophy that countries are facing!