Good Morning! 03-24-2020


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Another day :) We made it through piano lessons. The kids taped my phone to the piano so it could "see" their hands. I will have to do something a little more permanent since I have a feeling that this will be going on for a few more weeks at least. How are things your way?

Marieke- How did violin lessons go?


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As far as covid-19 goes we are doing well. I don't know if you saw my post in the FB thread, but I tripped, fell and dislocated my right shoulder on Sunday. I am wearing a sling and trying not to use my right arm except holding it close to my body so I don't put stress on my shoulder. I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday so I will know soon if I'm going to need shoulder surgery AGAIN!!! I had rotator cuff surgery in this same shoulder in 2012, really hope I don't have to go thru that again! But OI can still scrap!


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Rain, rain go away come again another day. That has become our 2020 motto here. LOL

Other than that just plugging along. I'm high risk so I've been home since Monday, but that really isn't so unusual for me. I often have weeks I don't go out at all.


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Gentle hugs, Betsyfru! :'(

We're under a stay-at-home mandate in our state. We are waiting to find out which of our sons (and my man) have "essential" jobs and which don't.
It's not too different for me because I'm a total homebody!! I do miss actually going to church on Sunday's, though!


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Violin lesson did go okay, tonight another round... We will probably hide upstairs again... lol. ;)

In other Covid-19 crazy news: yesterday the government decided to skip the final exams for those graduating from secondary school this year. Since our daughter is in her final year, she has only 2 more 'normal' tests to go and maybe she can re-do a few test if she wishes. Looking at her marks right now, we can easily say she passed and will get her corona-diploma...
We wanted to get her a shirt like this:


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Rain here too @stater and I'm also a homebody and it's not that much different for me during this time of limited travel. There are often weeks during the bad weather when I don't leave home.
I actually baked bread yesterday (ok...defrosted the dough and baked it :)) I haven't done that in years. I had trouble getting it to rise since my kitchen is cold during the winter. After several hours of it just sitting there, I moved it to a few inches away from a warm air floor register. Within an hour, it grew to over the pan. It was a lovely treat for dinner last night.
My sisters in law all bake their own bread from scratch.
Show offs!


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The older I get, the more I prefer to stay at home ... other than going to a restaurant, so I don't have to cook the meal & clean up afterwards. ;)
I also thought that after my kids became adults that I would have more time for my hobbies; like scrapbooking! But now I find I spend a lot of my time taking care of aging parents, or my young granddaughter. Today I am helping her with her school work ...
@Betsyfru OW!! That must be painful!! and at this time when the hospital's are so busy, I pray that you won't need another surgery!!