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The full blog train list is just pass the freebie. For some reason not everyone is seeing it- So I am posting it in several places:
here is a list of our blog train:

When you are done here you can head over to your next stop—– Designs by Romajo
If you get lost along the way you can find the full list here:
PDW Blog- Passport Pickup
Designs by Romajo- Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
MarieH Designs- Canada
Digital Gator Designs– England
Scrappin’ Serenity- Jamaica
FranB Designs- Maine
Pixie Glitter Designs- Africa
Carla’s Treasures- Japan
Elizabeth’s Market Cross: Mexico
Southern Creek Designs: Germany
PDW Happy Place: Planes, Trains, Automobiles
Artgal Style: France
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I am so discouraged, love all the files but since so many of them are on dropbox I can't download them. boohoo
I am not able to dowload from dropbox I get a blank white screen no matter what I do.