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Forum Help - Private Messages

Discussion in 'Wrapping Lessons' started by scrapsofcandy, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. scrapsofcandy

    scrapsofcandy Administrator Staff Member

    Do you miss private messages in the forum?

    You can change your settings in the forum to receive either a pop-up message when you log into the forum or an e-mail letting you know that you have a new private message?

    Here is how:

    Under the menu bar that has Forum and What's New? on it you have another menu bar that starts with New Posts. Go to that menu bar and click on Forum Actions then select General Settings from the drop down menu.

    Scroll down until you find the subheading for Private Messaging. Click the radial button to select the option(s) you want to change. E-mail notification is the third option under Private Messaging and Pop-Up is the forth option.
  2. modgee

    modgee Gone Crazy, back soon...

    very cool to know, thanks Candy

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