February Template Challenge

Discussion in 'Template Challenge' started by Optic Illusions - Kate, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Hello Again!
    I am stepping in this month for Claudette
    Hoping she will feel better soon
    Winter is slowly coming to an end here and I mean slowly
    It is just not soon enough for me this year

    Here is your February Template:



    As always post here in the thread as well as in the challenge gallery, so that we may leave some love and enjoy your artwork!
    Try to use at least 75% PDW artwork and most of all enjoy!
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  2. KAPOH

    KAPOH Active Member

  3. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    Thanks so much for stepping in for Claudette sweetie!! Love the template...and I agree with the time of Winter too!
  4. barbaraj

    barbaraj Active Member

    What a beautiful template! Thanks for this challenge!

  5. tissie12

    tissie12 Member

  6. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle I run with Scissors

    Here is mine. Great template. Thank you!
  7. geoleoan

    geoleoan I run with Scissors

  8. canpeg

    canpeg Active Member

    Here is my page for the challenge :)

  9. elynnia

    elynnia Member

    Thank you for this beautiful template!
  10. lebjs

    lebjs I run with Scissors

    Great template Kate! Here's my take :)

  11. Shaunna

    Shaunna New Member

    Great template. Thanks!
  12. snojewel

    snojewel I run with Scissors

  13. crazsquaw

    crazsquaw Challenge Master

    Here's mine! :)

  14. sandie03

    sandie03 I run with Scissors

  15. WendyW

    WendyW New Member

  16. scrapper

    scrapper Member

  17. Optic Illusions - Kate

    Optic Illusions - Kate Designing Ninjas

    Beautiful pages everyone! We have a great template prize this month from Tracy of Phlox Dragon Designs.
    I will be sending them out to everyone as soon as I am done posting the March template

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