Feb 1: Hula in the Coola


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Freedom Day: YAY! Freedom from what, I ask.

Car Insurance Day: Okay, all I am seeing here is the little Geico lizard having birthday or something.

G.I. Joe Day: Sweet! My dd's loved GI Joe the movie. Not sure about my son's. Of course it was hard to hear the three of them over the 10 ohhhhhing and ahhhhing girls ;)

Hula in the Coola Day: I am pretty sure this goes along with the naked holiday listed below.

Working Naked Day: Seriously, this one might need to be combined with a drinking holiday. There are not too many people that I would want to see naked at work. Just a thought of a trip to Walmart on this day is enough for me to think of staying home......

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Hmm, what else are YOU doing today?


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None of the above- but if I knew what I wanted to be free from then I would celebrate freedom Day.
Certainly not working naked- I'm sure the year 7 students would not appreciate the nude look teacher in class.
What no food special days today!!1 What is happening with the world. I vote for mango day - just ate the most delicious, juicy mango for dessert.


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I am not doing naked day.....that would scar many and I might need therapy after. But I would like Freedom day. I would love to do what I want when I want to do it.....but that doesn't pay the bills either. I guess life works out in the end.

Today is another work day so I better go look normal for the peoples.....


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I could use a little freedom myself...{insert dreamy haze here}...just turn the house phone off and the cell phone and leave all the miniblinds closed and the doors all locked...and hangout with my music and my scrapbooking junk...{end dreamy haze here} Shaking head and waking up now...checking to make sure I am dressed...lol
O, ok, back to work! Hugs all for a great day!


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Well, not naked, but I did end up working in my underwear this morning. Of course, that had something to do with the nurse calling me at 6:45 am with patient drama right after I got out of the shower....

If I had seen this early, I would have declared it Freedom from Drama Day. Then I could have done something painful to all the violators...

It's not Hula in the Coola, but how about Hillbilly Hula Gal? Junior Brown has some very interesting song titles and lyrics, including I Wouldn't Buy a Used Car From Him, and my DD's personal favorite, You're Wanted by the Police and My Wife Thinks You're Dead.

Off to ooooh and aaaaah over GI Joe...