Favorite January 2018 Layouts

Discussion in 'GSO Recognition Thread' started by cla, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. cla

    cla I run with Scissors

    What?! 2018?! How did that happen? Think back to 2008 and remember how far away 2018 seemed. I'm feeling old! But 18 isn't old right? It's young with all the possibilities in front of it. So here's to possibilities!
    Look in the gallery and there is every possibility you'll come across a layout you love. Highlight it here no matter what product was used to create it and enjoy 18 again!
  2. Tammys_Scrapping

    Tammys_Scrapping I run with Scissors

    This layout from Margje just says winter!!!!
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  3. Margje

    Margje Member

    Thank you so much Tammy!
  4. Angel Jet

    Angel Jet Member

    This little indian is so cute and adorable!!
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