Favorite December 2018 PDW Product Layouts

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  1. cla

    cla I run with Scissors

    Are you excited for December? This is a wonderful time of year! Enjoy the wonderful layouts posted in the gallery and get inspired. Layouts using PDW product or for the PDW challenges can be highlighted here.
  2. Tammys_Scrapping

    Tammys_Scrapping I run with Scissors

    Loving All Things by snojewel
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  3. snojewel

    snojewel I run with Scissors

    Thanks Tammy! You made my day! :)
  4. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    I love the excitement and festiveness of this pretty layout from Betsyfru
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  5. Betsyfru

    Betsyfru I run with Scissors

  6. Windswept

    Windswept I run with Scissors

    I really like this red and cream striped background and the lovely cluster and frame around her photo.

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  7. neeltje

    neeltje Late Bloomer

  8. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

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