Digital Scrapbook Day- Planes, Trains, Automobiles


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You made it this far! Thanks for playing along on our travelling blog hop! We hope you enjoyed it :) You should have arrived here from Southern Creek Designs blog . If you have gotten lost along the way, head back to the PDW blog for the master list :) But here is the last part of the hop:
or you can download it here.


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I'm not seeing a blog post for 10/4/2019 or a DSD 2019 thread in the forum. Also can't find DSD Bingo via link posted.


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Thank you so much to all the designers! I can't wait to see what I downloaded, lol! Firefox decided to download their update today (and I think Windows did, too) and they used up the last of my bandwidth - so basically, no pictures loaded. At least I could still get online. I've got bandwidth from 2a.m. until 8a.m so I guess that is when I'll be shopping! I think internet service is the ONLY thing I still miss about living in a city. :)


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Thanks to all the designers for sharing their part of the world with us!! What a terrific idea for the theme!!


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Sorry for those who didn't see the list! For some reason technology has NOT been my friend the last three days.
here is a list of our blog train:

When you are done here you can head over to your next stop—– Designs by Romajo
If you get lost along the way you can find the full list here:
PDW Blog- Passport Pickup
Designs by Romajo- Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
MarieH Designs- Canada
Digital Gator Designs– England
Scrappin’ Serenity- Jamaica
FranB Designs- Maine
Pixie Glitter Designs- Africa
Carla’s Treasures- Japan
Elizabeth’s Market Cross: Mexico
Southern Creek Designs: Germany
PDW Happy Place: Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Artgal Style: France


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Ladies I am sorry I cannot thank each of you for your amazing kits for this blog train!! I had a TIA recently and just got home from being in the hospital for a week... I missed so many wonderful DSD events but I am thrilled I was able to still download most of this stunning blog train!!! I am still not able to think 100 percent clearly or type very fast.. Back to the old days of pecking at keys!! But I did want to thank everyone for their amazing parts!!!