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PDW announced a new system for our forum challenges Begining Jan 1 , 2012.
That's been a while ago, so I figured I should update the info for any newbies to the challenges, or anyone wondering!

We will have our regular Monthly Challenges and Variety Pack Challenges every month. :D

The Variety Pack Challenges will change bi-monthly, so we can excite your creativity and get you thinking out side of the box....ranging from scraplift that stunning gallery layout, no pictures allowed, lyrical to wild element challenges. Each designed to get you thinking and playing.

All challenges are worth 1 PDW Wrapper (basically 1 point). Each layout that is completed and posted in the correct challenge thread and gallery will be valued at One Wrapper. A Bonus Wrapper will be given if 100% PDW designer product is used to complete the challenge. That means layouts do not necessarily have to contain PDW product, but you will want the Bonus Wrapper trust me.....All Wrapper points will need to be tracked in our It's A Wrap Challenge Tracking thread so that your Wrapper points can be checked and verified and you will get your Gift Certificate for collecting the amount needed.

If you are having trouble posting a linked page, please see this thread.

For every 20 Wrappers accumulated you will received a $5.00 gift certificate for the PDW store, to be used for PU items only. Those bonus points will add up!

In your It's a Wrap Tracking thread, you will need to post a linked page to the gallery, Challenge description and your beginning to end point count. For each month you have a new post in your Annual thread...such as 2015 thread. Edit your post for that month with your pages and every month I will go through and make sure you will get your Gift Certificate when you've earned one! Failure to keep your thread updated will mean there will be a delay in receiving your wrappers and subsequent GC.

Here is an example of your post:

January 2015
Beginning Wrapper count : 0

Variety challenge 1: linked layout in gallery 1pt + bonus all PDW
Variety challenge 2: linked layout in gallery 1pt
Challenge 1: link to gallery layout 1pt + bonus all PDW
Challenge 2: link to gallery layout 1 pt + bonus all PDW
Challenge 3: link to gallery layout 1 pt + bonus all PDW


Total for Jan: 9 pts.

Word art, alphas for titles and templates will not count against the 100% total PDW products.

But most of all... HAVE FUN!! Always feel free to ask any questions and a PDW Staff member will gladly help you out. :)
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Do we contact someone when we have enough points for a $5 gift certificate, or are they sent automatically? I'm asking because I have enough points now since I've been doing challenges the last couple of months. Thanks!


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I am actually just getting ready to go through them all and update my points thread.

I will be sending Lisa a message with all of the peeps who need their GC and she will get them out to you ASAP!

And yay!! Congrats and thanks for playing along! :)


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So, to begin my points count for March, just subtract 20 from my current 24 to begin the month with 4? Do I need to make a special note about receiving the coupon or anything?


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Nope you don't need to say anything about it being rec'd...And yes you subtract the 20 and start March with 4 :)


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Note to self.... post it in comments what the GC is for when I send it to you! Sorry for the confusion :)


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LOL, Lisa ! It did say good thing for wrappers, and I thought that is what you meant, but my total hadn't been altered, so then I was scratching my head LOL Thank You, I have some lovely new kits now :)


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For PDW products, does that mean only current products? Or can we use retired PDW products, such as older PDW store collAbs?


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So, I have a question about products - If I use products from a PDW designer, say, Love It Scrap It, but they are not in her store here, because they are from before she came to PDW, would they be considered for the extra point or not? Thanks!


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So, I have a question about products - If I use products from a PDW designer, say, Love It Scrap It, but they are not in her store here, because they are from before she came to PDW, would they be considered for the extra point or not? Thanks!
Betsy I am pretty sure we can because we're able to use blog freebies and things from designer newsletters and such. The main thing is just as long as they are a current designer here is my understanding. :)


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How far back can the LO go ?? I never started collecting them and then just sort of forgot about them being available. I generally post to two challenges a month now and they would certainly add up.


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Unfortunately, only as far back as April. @spenny
Create yourself a thread (you can look at any of them already posted in the It's A Wrap thread to give you an idea of how those are done) and put April and then May in the same beginning post. Then you will do June in a new post in that thread. :)