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I want to create a click-able header for my blog (like what everyone seems to be sporting in their signatures around digiland these days) where you can click on different parts of the graphic to be taken to a link for that item (e.g. Facebook, Store, etc.)

Is there anyone who can tell me how to do this?



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I think the coffeetea blog had something like that. I can never remember the real name, I 'll see if I can hunt it down.


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you 'slice' your image (tag/header) into pieces, Candy, and link each piece seperately-its pretty easy. I guess photoshoop has an image slicer? PSP does....but it works to just 'cut' it up, too.....then just upload the pieces in succession into the forum/whereever, linking each one as you go. I didn't do mine that way, cuz I don't feel like redoing it. I would have to add tabs of some kind..and I'm lazy :)


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I am trying to figure this out as well! Will let you know what I come up with.

I think I got it!
I made my graphic 500pixels wide x 250 pixels tall. I built it to where I could slice it in Photoshop as simple as possible....

Mine below is sliced vertically in 5 pieces. then add the bb code for images and links all in a row with no spaces and it will all stick together. {Note I added spaces inside the brackets here so that you can see the code, but to reuse it you will need to delete the space after the bracket, and then at the end of the links}

[ url= ][ img][ /img ][ /url ][ url= [ img ][ /img ][ /url ][ url=!/mrscwooddell ][ img ][ /img ][ /url ][ url= ][ img ][ /img ][ /url ][ url= ][ img ][ /img ][ /url ]
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Wow, and I was just about to post the same exact question b/c I can't have a siggy at DST due to their nutty guidelines. I love the clickable siggys.

THANK YOU, Oh Amazing Claudette, for your done-for-us code!


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lol, glad I could help! I have been going to di-sect someone at The studios's sig for a while now, but finally decided that was going to be my
Just don't miss any of the spaces I added to the