Clearing Queue


Is there a way for us to clear our gallery queue or do we have to get an admin to do that for us? :ninjaa:


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If I recall correctly, I think that on the second screen of the upload process (under the actual image) there is a check box to delete the image from the queue. So if you try to upload again, you should see the new upload and the one you want to delete both and can delete the other one.
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Thanks Candy! I read your directions then read everything on the 1st upload screen. Got distracted and forgot to read the second upload screen. lol It let me upload anyway so I'll just have to check the directions next time. :)


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BUT if the image is too large it will send you to the error screen. It doesn't leave an image # in your Que section and I have (many times-right Lynn and Lisa?! LOL) had this problem.

Always make sure your image is 600x600 at 72dpi for the best luck if that is your problem. I know from experience....yet I still have that issue once in a while, 'doh! LOL