Chats cancelled till further notice :)


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Sorry guys, I am going to have to cancel chats until I have the baby. The little hurricane I am carrying is giving me twinges, and I still have 2 more weeks until "safe" to deliver :)


:ninjalove: You just take care of you and your little one!!!!! We'll be here when chats can restart.


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Oh, she's just getting excited about joining us for chats. :)

Take care Lisa!

Digital Ink

Can't wait! Yes...don't worry 'bout us!! We won't do nothing bad.....promise.

*A distant voice comes from behind you....
"OK I have the scissors....Lynn, what's taking you so long with the paste?.....I can't hold this much longer!!!"
"NEVERMIND! Kelly borrowed me some of her duct tape!"
"There that should hold for a little bit....or until someone walks through here."
Maybe we should get Jens rock to wedge in there.....maybe that would add some support.
"HEY JEN! Bring me your rock and your paper. WHO took the Sharpie. Someone sniff around.....see if you can find it......OoOoO....FOUND IT!!!!"
Seeing double now...
"Here I will wedge the rock in there. You take the paper and Sharpie and write 'NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS' and then tape it up on the rock"

"BYE need to worry 'bout us!"