Banner Challenge 1


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We are back with our banner challenges :) There are 4 kits used in each banner- Tell me the kits used with them, and you will win a free mini kit from Southern Creek Designs :)
Can you tell me the kits used in this:
2020NSD-banner1 copy 3.jpg
Send me a Private Message with your answer!


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You girls are good!
I found three very easily, but that owl is escaping me... I know I've seen it before, but I'm turning the store upside down and I cannot find it.


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Even though the owl I found wasn't pink, like in the banner, I picked that kit because of other items in there.

Sent my PM.
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I was so tired last night when I did this, that I forgot to say I sent you my PM. I love these searches! Happy iNSD!!